Real Estate Sales

After his extensive experience in the finance, property management, mortgage and real estate industries, Greg Flowers established his brokerage Authentic Properties in 2009 with the intention of combining this wealth of knowledge, a unique offering of collective expertise that provides buyers and sellers of real estate with a broad understanding of the industry. Providing insight into all forms of real estate transactions, Authentic Properties brings a level of expertise to its clients that is rare to the industry.

A licensed stockbroker, Greg Flowers provides his team invaluable education and insights to the many economic cycles that persist in the real estate industry. There are the booms and busts that characterize the cyclical nature of investments and establish when it is time to buy or sell real estate. Working with an Authentic Properties Real Estate Agent that understands the correlation of these economic indicators and how they relate to the real estate market can provide keen insight into when the time is right to maximize profits.


We represent you as a buyer or seller with market condition updates, accurate property disclosures, timely transaction updates and forecast transaction deadlines. There is no match for years of experience. We have represented hundreds of buyer/ seller transactions and can easily navigate a smooth close of escrow.

Seller Services

  • Marketing Management
  • Contract Management
  • Open House/Showing Management
  • Close of Escrow Management

Buyer Services

  • Market Conditions Management
  • Contract Management
  • Disclosure Transaction Management
  • Close of Escrow Management

Real Estate Purchase

Owning Bay Area real estate can be one of the most lucrative investments in your portfolio. The cost of housing is fueled by high paying jobs, an expansive technology-based economy and a diverse employment culture. Silicon Valley pulls in some of the highest educated professionals in the world. Being immersed in the real estate environment since 1994, understanding the geography of the Bay Area, the best areas to rent, purchase or hold real estate as a rental property that creates wealth, allows us to share a perspective with you that cannot be duplicated. Let us be your consultant/representative and share our unique perspective on when and where to purchase your next home in the Bay Area.

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