Property Management

Owning real estate as an investment can be one of the most lucrative and financially rewarding assets in your retirement portfolio. What other financial transaction provides shelter, tax advantages, leveraging capabilities and cash flow advantages other than real estate? It is a conservative investment that is truly unique. Property management is a critical part of owning real estate as an investment. Lease agreements, tenant placement, maintenance care, accounting and legal advice are all part of maintaining your property’s positive cash flow. Though this can be accomplished personally, it is not recommended. One bad tenant placement could cost you tens of thousands in repair or legal fees.

We are in the property management business to support Landlords and allow them to maximize the return on their real estate investment. We, as fiduciaries, are the eyes and ears of the Landlord. We accurately account for and document all aspects of the rental property. Our commissions are negotiable. We grow with you.


We provide Landlords the following property management tasks:

Property Marketing

We take photos and market your rental property on all the top rental websites for maximum tenant exposure.

Tenant Background Checks & Quality Placement

All tenant applicants are screened with credit report, background check. and cross reference verifications.

Move-In-Move-Out Inspections

All tenants move-in and move inspections are thoroughly documented for any changes to condition during tenancy. We will estimate any damages, repair costs and prepare a Tenant Move Out Invoice.

Rent Collection

Rental income will be collected, verified and will be dispersed to Landlords by the 8th of the month.

Property Repairs & Repair Cost Analysis

Any needed repair items will be inspected, consulted and receive a qualified contractor's estimate before any repairs begins.

Property Maintenance

We will consult with owners on any yearly maintenance items and help with repairs as needed.

Property Management Consultation

Before we are hired we will communicate all our duties as your property management fiduciary.

Legal Guidance & Financial Reporting

We are the eyes and ears of the Landlord and can help refer you to qualified legal consultation as needed.

Year to Date or End of a Year Profit and Loss Statement

We are your on-duty financial consultant and can produce any requested YTD Profit and Loss Statements or an End of the Year 1099 Income Statement.

Why Do I Need a Property Manager?

In the world of real estate, property management is one of the essential elements of caring for, accounting for and nurturing your investment. Your choice of property manager is critical. The choice will either enhance the return on investment or diminish the return. The alliance between landlord and Property Manager begins with choosing the best tenant and then developing a business relationship based on trust, respect and consistency. Experience in the real estate industry is priceless. Authentic Property Management is licensed since 1994 and has consistent performance helping both Landlords and tenants achieve the successful goal of quality representation and unity.

Rent Control in the Bay Area

Many counties in the Bay Area are governed by strict rent control laws. This poses a significant challenge to rental property owners. County rental guidelines must be followed strictly and care must be taken when working with and communicating to tenants. The relationship begins with properly equipping the home with state required safety detectors, to properly representing local contract laws and housing disclosures, embracing all equal opportunity housing laws and then consistently communicating with all parties when problems arise. A misstep in any one of these items by the Landlord could cost tens of thousands of dollars in litigation. Good property managers will help to avoid this costly mistake.

Let's investigate how we can assist you.

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