Client Testimonial:

Erica L

Laurelwood, Salinas, CA
May 2017

I contacted Greg after separating from my husband to get an idea of what my house was worth at the time. It had a lot of cosmetic damage and and issues to resolve if I wanted to make a profit. The whole process took about 2 years. Greg knew I was under a lot of stress and he kept me motivated along the way. He was patient throughout the whole process and reached out every couple months or so to check in on me and the progress I was making. Greg was always professional and helpful. With his help I was able to focus on what the priorities were when fixing it. Greg helped me to keep my sanity throughout the remodel process, always incoraging me as he knew I was also navigating through a very dificult time in my life. I worked tirelessly on the house until literally the night before the first open house. The house’ value went up by about $90,000 more than what it was worth when he first saw it. We had several offers that weekend and the house sold within a week. I highly recommend him.