Testimonials for The Oil Industry

Is the Truth Black, White or Grey?

Many mixed signals are coming from Wall Street. Every day we get peppered with positive and negative reports. On one channel we get that unemployment is increasing (bad) then another channel reports that the unemployment “trend” is improving (good). I turned on the radio and heard that mortgage rates are the lowest that they have been since 1963 (good), but home foreclosures outpace new home sales (bad). Oil giant British Petroleum capped the gushing oil well in the Gulf (good), but the Gulf Coast may take centuries to recover ecologically (bad). I guess it is how you see things that

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Eliminate Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction?

I have read recently that in an effort to increase government revenue the Obama Administration is considering eliminating the mortgage interest tax deduction. I can only imagine what a quagmire government cash flows must be in from funding such colossal projects as the 2008 banking crisis, the ongoing and escalating expense of the Afghanistan war, Haiti relief efforts and now the Gulf oil spill. Trying to understand the myriad of government economics would take a brain much larger than mine. Given that there are big brains on government payrolls I am sure there must be better ideas on the plate

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Why We Drill Offshore and Pay $3.00 for Gas

It is a very sad moment when you suddenly realize that we are all just being led down the chute like pigs in the poke. As individuals we like to feel that our contributions helps the world somehow and what we do everyday matters. Then you read an article that sets you back a few feet and makes you question what really is the big picture? Who is really running the show? Is our world run by a planet of individuals or is it run by governments and corporations back slapping, cigar filled, back-room hand shake deals. We have all

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