Why We Drill Offshore and Pay $3.00 for Gas

It is a very sad moment when you suddenly realize that we are all just being led down the chute like pigs in the poke. As individuals we like to feel that our contributions helps the world somehow and what we do everyday matters. Then you read an article that sets you back a few feet and makes you question what really is the big picture? Who is really running the show? Is our world run by a planet of individuals or is it run by governments and corporations back slapping, cigar filled, back-room hand shake deals.

We have all been led to believe that the world of goods and services runs on a system of supply and demand. Prices for these goods and services are determined by how much we demand and how much is available (ie, higher prices if what we demand is a scarce resource). Then you find out that prices of something that everyone on the planet demands is not calibrated that way. Maybe the world as we know it is not as we know it. Maybe governments and corporations have back-door agreements that artificially fix prices so that they can benefit financially while the rest of us suffer.

Imagine how much better we would be economically if gas prices were allowed to be a true supply/demand market price. How much better would your bank account look if it only cost $25 to fill your gas tank instead of $60? How much lower would your power bill be? How much would air fares go down? Fact is gas prices have a HUGE impact on us all and not just at the gas pump. High gas prices ripple through the economy like waves, effecting everything in its path. Though there are other artificially priced industries due to government subsidies, tariffs, fines and taxes, none that impact us as much in the pocket as gasoline. The article below says it all. Time to squeal…