Testimonials for Modification

How to Avoid Foreclosure

When the homeowners do not make payment to the lenders, foreclosure takes place. It really is that simple. The reason for why home owners may not be able to make the payments, however, can be anything but simple. The worst thing home owners can do when they cannot make their home loan payments is to ignore the problem and to ignore the lender. In many cases, lenders will be more eager to help you through the problem than to foreclose on your home. The truth is most lenders do not want to take your home from you. Foreclosure is a

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California Man Wins Lawsuit Against B of A Over Failed Loan Modification

A California man won a judgment in small claims court against Bankof America over a failed loan modification.The Huffington Post reports that David Graham was strung along for three years by the bank after he applied for a loan modification under the Home Affordable Mortgage Program (HAMP), the federal program meant to help homeowners keep their property. Graham said he wouldn’t have bothered applying had he not been sent the material without solicitation. He supplied all requested data and sat back to wait to learn if he qualified. The program requires that the bank turn around the request with a

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