Testimonials for Banking

One Step in the Right Direction

Very soon our president will sign into law the Financial Overhaul Bill of 2010. This 390,000 word document was created from the ashes of the 2008 banking collapse that brought the worlds financial systems to its knees. The bill, being released from the Senate next week, will be the heaviest piece of legislation ever created and the most sweeping reform bill since the great depression. Though the repercussions of the bill will not be felt for years, it stands to protect consumers from predatory lending, sets up systems to more heavily scrutinize financial institutions and generally make banking a more

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How European Woes Effect You

The European debt crisis is showing new signs that its credit problems are far from over. The European Nations, being one of the largest buyers of US mortgage backed securities manufactured from 2004-2007, is beginning to face the fact that their exposure to sovereign debt could haunt them for years to come. In 2009 US banks imposed “stress tests” on their ability to adequately provide sufficient liquidity during an emergency run on assets and avoid another round of government bank bailouts. European banks are now implementing similar tests. Highly publicized economic events show stress on the system such as Greece’s

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