Hot Trends in Home Improvement This Spring

Exterior painting is reported to be one of the top home improvement projects this spring that will boost curb appeal and property value. In fact, expert sources and realtors say that exterior painting and upkeep can increase current market value of a home by 200 percent. ProTect Painters, a national professional painting franchise, offers key tips to all homeowners whether they are looking to sell or stay in 2012.

“With the struggling real estate market, it’s important for homeowners to know that most homebuyers make their decision — subconsciously or consciously — within seconds of viewing a home’s exterior,” said Chris Ring, Vice President of Operations and Training for ProTect Painters. “Homeowners who aren’t selling also benefit greatly from a strategic, eye catching exterior paint job as it increases the home’s value and can even help increase the value of the neighboring homes.”

Potential sellers should also focus on the home’s exterior simply because of the ROI. Seven of the top 10 home improvement projects for 2012 are exterior projects garnering anywhere from 69 to 78 percent return on investment — the highest of any other projects this year.

ProTect Painters along with Behr, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, three of the nationwide leading paint companies that are the company’s preferred vendors, share tips on color selection and the architectural elements to focus on:

Energize the Exterior: Bright, bold exterior colors are popular this

year, particularly shades of tangerine, yellow or deep purple. Behr
suggests their color popping yellow shade Desert Glow while Benjamin
Moore offers its deep purple hue Vintage Wine. Sherwin Williams
recommends their vibrant tangerine orange shade called Daredevil to give
a home a cheery look heading into spring.

Front Door: A new coat of paint on your front door creates a visually
pleasing focal point. It plants the seed of first impression that sets
the tone for the rest of the house.

Shutters: Whether blending to the body color or serving as a cosmetic
accent to the overall color scheme of the house, freshly-painted
shutters serve as instant exterior updates.

Trim: New trim paint beautifies the façade, highlights the design
of your house, and gives special emphasis to its attractive
architectural features.

Garage Doors: Another way to enhance curb appeal is to paint your garage
doors to coordinate with the house body color — or make it standout by
using a complementary hue.

Fences: The right fence color can underscore the architecture of your
home and add character to your yard. Fences provide a color frame for
your property and give the house a distinct personality.