States Forecasted for Highest Unemployment

It is such good news to hear that the Obama Administration is starting to get it right in regard to economic stimulus. Today several key financial incentive announcements were unveiled that target business investment tax credits, extensions of the research and development tax credit and infrastructure spending. The stimulus targets the engine that creates cash flow and commerce for millions of Americans; small business. This news arrives in time to counter balance the latest unemployment rate numbers. Compiled below is a top 10 list of the US states that should see unemployment rates rise greater than other states:

1. Nevada 14.3
2. Michigan 13.1
3. California 12.3
4. Rhode Island 11.9
5. Florida 11.5
6. South Carolina 10.8
7. Mississippi 10.8
8. Oregon 10.6
9. Ohio 10.3
10. Illinois 10.3