3 New Design Trends for Real Estate in 2016!

If you’re a real estate junkie like I am, then you love to watch real estate shows. Love It or List ItHouse HuntersMillion Dollar Listing New York. These are some of my favorites.
Because of my fondness for these shows—and because I recently bought and sold two houses—I can rattle off popular real estate terms. I’m thinking specifically of en suite, chef’s kitchen and open concept, which has people knocking down walls left and right.
While many of these terms continue to be used in real estate lingo, a recent Realtor.com survey unveiled some new terms we should probably get used to hearing. They are the top 3 hot real estate trends, based on real people’s preferences and what they want in a house they’re buying. These trends are described as “Inviting,” “Rustic” and “Beachside Charm.” Here’s how they come to life:
The Inviting living space is described as a welcoming atmosphere that includes fun barware, plenty of seating and a gather-worthy kitchen (can you say open concept?) that can serve as the life of the party.
Those who prefer a Rustic look want natural elements in their homes. These include wood, stone, water and light. Designers say that this style takes traditionally organic materials from the outside and brings them inside to achieve perfect balance.
You don’t have to live anywhere near the water to capture Beachside Charm. It is described as relaxed, casual, airy and breezy. This design incorporates terracotta tile, patio umbrellas, sundecks and scattered shells to make homeowners and others feel like they are miles away from the hustle and bustle of life’s daily pressures.
I’m not sure which of these trends I like the best. What I do know, though, is this: when people come to visit, I want my home to make them feel comfortable and relaxed.